The Future Photonics Hub Industry Day Exhibitor List
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Alrand Instruments logo Alrad Photonics
Alrad Photonics will be showing a range of compact, low power, laser diode modules, including spot and line emitters and the StingRay series of high performance / high functionality structured light lasers. These will be complemented by a selection of optical components, including optical filters and diffraction gratings.
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AP Technologies
We supply singlemode & multimode laser diodes, modules & systems from 445- 1850nm while our LED range includes components, arrays & systems from 240-1850nm. Our detection solutions include Silicon Photomultipliers & photodiodes including VUV/electron sensitive devices as well as Visible & NIR single photon counting systems, TDCs and CFDs. APT also distribute Liquid Crystal shutters, polarisation modulators and filters.
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Avantes UK
Avantes new miniature Sensline and Starline fibre optic spectrometers, have significant performance improvements, with high sensitivity, new ultra low stray light, interchangeable slit, TE cooling and back thinned detectors.
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Bentham Instruments
Light is our passion. At Bentham our vision is to help drive optics and photonics research with accurate and reliable instrumentation for the optical characterisation of sources, detectors, material and for in vivo applications. We are excited to present industry-leading research tools including UV-VIs-IR spectrometers, photoluminescence systems and tuneable light sources for the investigation of next generation optical fibres,novel light sources, photovoltaic devices and etamaterials.
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The Compound Semiconductor Centre (CSC) is Europe's new home for product, services and skills development in compound semiconductor technologies. Providing cutting-edge facilities that help researchers and industry work together CSC, based in Wales, will position Cardiff as the UK and European leader in compound semiconductors. CSC is a joint venture between compound semiconductor specialists IQE and Cardiff University.
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EG Electronics / Sony
In close cooperations with selected suppliers and customers in key markets, we strengthen their competitiveness by adding value through the provision of tailored solutions based on electronics components and systems with additional services.
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Elliot Scientific Ltd
"Leading manufacturer and distributor of lasers, high-brightness and LED light sources, optics, fibre-optics, sensors and instrumentation, vibration control platforms, positioning systems, optical tweezers, and materials characterization systems."
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Founded 1982, we are a leading innovator, designer & manufacturer of specialty fiber serving customers across the world. Products include specialty fiber for the Aerospace, Defence, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, Energy, Medical & Fiber Laser industries – the business is a global market leader. The company’s operations HQ in Fibercore House, a custom built Southampton based facility.
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Future Photonics Hub
The Future Photonics Hub is exploring photonic integration across all major technology platforms for the first time ever, working with partners and end-users across a wide range of industries to improve cross-platform capability, reliability, yield and to reduce costs.
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Hamamatsu Photonics
Hamamatsu will introduce the C12880MA Micro Spectrometer; an ultra-compact, fingertip size spectrometer head offering wider spectral response and high sensitivity over the UV to visible range. It offers a spectral range of 340 – 850 nm and a sensitivity two orders or magnitude higher than the original C12666MA Micro Spectrometer, which won the 2015 Prism Award for detectors and sensors at Photonics West 2015.
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Interface Group
IPEL is a specialist Sub contract precision manufacturer based in East Sussex. Specialising in the highest quality Machined, Fabricated and Pressed components / assemblies in a whole raft of materials from Aluminium, Steels, Refractories (Niobium, Tantalum, Molybdenum, Titanium etc.), Copper, Brass, Plastics (PTFE, Nylon Acetyl etc.) and ceramics.
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Lambda Photometrics Ltd
Lambda is a leading supplier of characterisation, measurement and analysis equipment. Our scientists and engineers provide expert technical advice, working with you to ensure you receive the best information and get the best solution for your needs.
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Laser 2000 (UK)
Laser 2000 serves the market since nearly 25 years with state-of-the-art photonic and optoelectronic products. Our range includes lasers and laser safety, cameras, motion control, optics, LED light sources, adaptive optics, and much more. By understanding our customers' needs as well as the capabilities of our large range of standard or custom-made products, we help to find the best possible solution.
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Laser Components Ltd
LASER COMPONENTS will be exhibiting detectors, single photon counting modules, laser diodes/IR emitters, laser modules, measurement technology, fibre optics, optics, optical filters, electronics, safety eyewear and accessories.

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Laser Quantum
Laser Quantum, the UK’s largest laser manufacturer, offers a wide range of CW and ultrafast lasers and oscillators and has been delivering lasers worldwide to science and industry for over 20 years. We offer exceptional beam performance, with long warranty periods that reflect our robust designs.
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Laser Support Services
We distribute quality new and used lasers and laser products worldwide. Our supplies include optical mounts, positioners, precision apertures, optics, optical tables, IR cameras, viewers and safety eyewear, and most makes of ion lasers can be supported by our established repair service. NEW “One Stop One Shop” at Harwell offering engineers, scientists, and researchers the opportunity to touch, test, view and buy products from all our major suppliers.
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Lenton Furnaces
Lenton has an enviable reputation for innovative design, advanced technology and outstanding quality in the field of electric chamber, tube furnaces and ovens for research, quality control and pilot plant applications.
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Leybold UK
Worldwide company trading for over 160 years, offering customers the largest sales and after sales network in the industry. Manufacturing range includes fore & high vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, leak detecting instruments, flanges, fittings and valves as well complete vacuum solutions. Full UK service support & vacuum training for customers.
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MotionLink Ltd
Supplier of a wide range of Motion Control components and complete systems to customer specification. From Galil Motion, AMC Inc. and Gurley Inc., Motion Controllers, Servo amplifiers and Encoders. Piezo stages from Micronix USA. High accuracy linear and rotary stages from Primatics Inc. Custom Positioning systems with our own Linear and Rotary stages..
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Newport Spectra Physics
provides a wide range of products and solution to make, manage and measure light. Newport’s product portfolio includes: laser systems, spectroscopy instruments, light sources, laser beam measurement devices, vibration control equipment, optics, micro and nano positioning solutions, opto-mechanics and photonic instrumentation.
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Ocean Optics
Ocean Optics’ extensive line of complementary technologies includes spectrometers, chemical sensors, metrology instrumentation, optical fibres and thin films and optics. We are a global leader in photonics for research, life sciences, quality assurance, education and OEM applications.

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Optek Stystems
OpTek Systems is a global supplier of precision laser micromachining equipment and sub-contract processing services. Alongside precision engineering processes like micro drilling, cutting, scribing and milling, OpTek pioneered LaserCleave™ for precision laser processing of optical fibers (stripping, cleaving, lensing and fusing), for production termination of advanced fiber optic interfaces and interconnects like optical HDMI and USB4.
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PI Ltd
PI Ltd are a world leading provider of precision motion and positioning solutions in the photonics market. PI’s unrivalled portfolio of products, covers Piezo technology for nanometer and micron accuracy through to precision 6-axis Hexapod positioning systems, suitable for both ambient and vacuum environments.
S49 website
We are specialist suppliers of Advanced Materials, Equipment & Components for R&D. Our wide range of products includes Coatings, Deposition Equipment, Evaporation Materials, Sputtering Targets, Ceramics, Single Crystal Substrates, Quartz & Sapphire, Silicone & Glass Wafers, Precious Metals & Graphene available as custom made to exact specifications or stocked products. Come and speak to our scientific Sales Managers about your research needs.
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Princeton Instruments
Provides state-of-the-art CCD, ICCD, EMCCD, emICCD, X-Ray and InGaAs cameras; spectrometers; spectrographs; imaging systems; optics and coatings that are key to the success of your application. Please stop by to learn about our next generation camera offerings and to discuss your requirement.
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Pro-Lite Technology
OUR FOCUS IS ON PHOTONICS. We supply components, instruments equipment for laser safety and a full light measurement service. Meet us for a face-to-face discussion and discover our capabilities!
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Rockley Photonics
Rockley Photonics was founded in 2013 by a leadership team previously successful with two silicon photonics companies. We are rapidly building an impressive multi-disciplinary team with extraordinary experience in integrated optics, CMOS electronics, software and computer networking. Rockley Photonics is developing highly integrated and scalable network building block solutions - representing the commercialization of silicon photonics in its most exciting form to date.
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Thermal Vision Research
Thermal Vision Research Ltd has the experience, knowledge and time to spend with you during the selection process to ensure you have the right thermal imaging equipment, software, training and back-up.
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Thorlabs designs, develops & manufactures building blocks for the Photonics industry, including optomechanics, motion control electronics, nanopositioning stages, fiber & optical components, laser diodes, tunable lasers, and vibration isolation systems. In addition, we can provide system-level solutions including complete OCT & imaging systems, like confocal & adaptive scanning optical microscopes.
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